Your new favourite app: LiveSalary

With LiveSalary you can watch your salary grow, while you're working. On top of that our selected partners are going to reward you daily with exclusive vouchers.


LiveSalary App

We complete the Digital Swiss Knife.

The first app of the series: LiveSalary - a useful tool, that helps the user to get through daily life with a bit more fun. Our apps are inspired by life and they aim to make it better, instead of distracting from it. Apart from an intuitive user-experience and innovative features, something that we find especially important, is that an app only collects the user-data that is necessary and processes it anonymized and safely.


Innovator & Incubator

Whether our own apps or collaborations with startups for which we act as an incubator: We bring innovation and more humanity to technology. Because at the end of the day, we too are end users and want a transparent, useful and, above all, secure digital world. It's always about the people, on the other side of the display.


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